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Hi-Desert Silba Soap

NEW!!! Rosemary Twist Soap - Summer Collection 2024

NEW!!! Rosemary Twist Soap - Summer Collection 2024

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ROSEMARY TWIST SOAP a rather untypical summer soap that I felt I had to add and shake things up a little :). It had to be a connection though and that's when I thought about the evergreen rosemary. Mostly the one species that has that beautiful blue blossoms. 

For the natural green color I used sea clay in a swirl technique. To make the soap pop a bit and to reflect the blue flowers I added cornflowers on top with rosemary needles. 

The scent of this soap is made with an essential oil blend of lime, bergamot, rosemary and cedarwood. Lime is a new essential oil that I used for this blend and to combine sweet, floral, and woody notes with a citrusy undernote that come together in an unforgettable aroma.

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Rich luxurious lather I leaves skin clean and soft I is creamy and moisturizing

Seasonal Soap
This is a seasonal soap from my Summer Collection and only available as long as supply lasts. Once it's gone it won't come back until maybe next year!

saponified olive oil, organic coconut oil, fair trade organic shea butter, castor oil, essential oil blend of lime, bergamot, rosemary and cedarwood, avocado oil, kaolin clay, sea clay, cornflowers and rosemary needles

Soap Usage Tips
Make sure to let your soap dry out completely between uses. Store your soap in a well drained soap dish or a soap saver pouch. This not only will help your soap to not get mushy but also extend its self life. You can check out ours in Bath Accessoires

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