Collection: SUMMER COLLECTION 2024

Are you ready for summer? This collection includes 4 soaps and is all about summer, beach, ocean and herbs. I used summer like natural colors and created fresh, summer like scents made with pure essential oils for each soap. Desert Summer reflects the desert landscape and smells fresh, citrusy and minty. Island Breeze is a refreshing mix of lavender, rosemary and lemongrass with chrysanthemum flowers and walnut shells on top for a little bit beach and island feeling. Then there is Rosemary Twist, a bit of an untypical summer soap which includes a new essential oil:  Lime that I blended with bergamot, rosemary, and cedarwood. My last summer soap, Lavender Citrus, made a comeback from last year's summer collection as you loved it so much. A simple, pure soap without color that brings a herbal, fresh aroma in your home with a touch of earthiness.

To color the soaps I used natural clays and powder and for the soap tops botanicals like heather flowers, calendula petals, chrysanthemum flowers, walnut shells, lavender buds, orange peel, cornflowers and rosemary needles to get a colorful summer look for the season. On top I added aloe vera juice, and shredded calendula. All are made with my original formula and available in full bars and half bars.

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