Collection: SPRING COLLECTION 2024

Are you ready for spring? This collection includes 4 soaps and is all about spring, new beginnings and new growth. I used bright natural colors and created fresh, spring like scents made with pure essential oils for each soap. Desert Superbloom smells fresh, lemony with a touch of floral undertone. Morning Meadow has a rose, sweet, and herbal aroma with a new essential oil that I added: Palmarosa. Then there is Orange Blossom which also includes a new essential oil:  Clary Sage and smells just amazing with sweet, earthy and floral fruity notes. My last spring soap, Spring Awakening, is simple, pure goodness and without color. It smell fresh and invigorating and reminds me of new beginnings.

To color the soaps I used natural clays and for the soap tops botanicals like pomegranate flowers, heather flowers, jasmine flowers, orange peel, chrysantheme flowers to get a colorful spring look for the season. On top I added aloe vera juice, coconut milk and yucca root for extra skin benefits. All are made with my original formula and available in full bars and half bars.

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