My Life's Journey

  At SilbaBodyandSkincare, we believe in natural, simple, effective, cruelty free, eco-friendly skincare that empowers our client’s to live their healthiest lives through self-care and nurturing your largest organ, your skin! 
   My name is Silke Bayer, licensed aromatherapist, and founder of Silba. 

   I learned why health and wellness practices are impactful from a young age. I grew up in Germany and always lived life with a European sensibility. I would eat organic foods, limit my salt and sugar intake, and got quite a bit of exercise. At that time, my health was optimal, and it was what allowed me to survive a severe health issue. 

When you learn that your body can fight ailments, your mind starts to shift, and that’s when I decided to make over-reaching lifestyle changes to my daily routine, including the passion I developed for using natural skin care products. One of the milestones in my life was when I went to school in August 2015 to became a Certified Aromatherapist. I wanted to learn everything I could about the study of essential oils, safety, methods of extraction, blending techniques, and methods of absorption into the skin before I opened Silba.

Handcrafted skincare, based on research and experience


SilbaBodyandSkincare was created from my life’s journey and knowledge of what using clean products can do for one’s overall health. After getting certified as an aromatherapist, I came to terms that nothing on the market fit my exact skin care needs, and that’s when I created my skincare line. It needed to be something that was clean, natural, cruelty free, simple and effective. The first thing I signed up for was to get Leaping Bunny - no animal testing certified. Having too many products standing in my bathroom wasn't something I liked of needed. So it had to be a simple skincare routine made of clean ingredients and with just a couple of products. Transparent and easy to use. 



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I hope that my journey inspires the way you think about your health and wellness habits and what you put on your body. I want to encourage everyone to live their healthiest lives. It has become my life’s work and full-time passion. 

Wishing you all health and happiness! 


Silke Bayer, Founder of SilbaBodyandSkinCare