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Hi-Desert Silba Soap

Himalayan Pink Salt Soap - Spa Soap with exfoliating benefits

Himalayan Pink Salt Soap - Spa Soap with exfoliating benefits

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Experience spa-like luxury in your home with our Himalayan Pink Salt Soap. This soap is made with rich coconut oil and scented with a blend of refreshing Cedarwood, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus and Rosemary Essential Oil for an indulgent aroma. When used, Himalayan Pink Salt Soap creates a luxurious, lotion-like lather that exfoliates skin. The pretty swirls are made from red brazilian clay. Enjoy a relaxing spa experience right in your very own home.

About the Himalayan Salt we use
This soap contains Himalayan Salt that is found deep within the Himalayan Mountains, and is mined from ancient seabeds that crystallized long ago, before modern pollutants existed, lending to the belief that this salt is one of the purest salts on earth. The beautiful, varied pink coloring of Himalayan Pink Salt is due to the wide variety of trace minerals contained in this salt, giving it the signature light to dark pink coloring for which it is loved.


Spa lotion like feeling I leaves skin clean and soft I is creamy and moisturizing

"Lovely Scent! We just love this soap! The scent is so uplifting & the salt provides a gentle exfoliation. Highly recommend!"

saponified organic coconut oil, himalayan pink salt, kaolin clay, red brazilian clay, essential oil blend of cedarwood, lemongrass, rosemary and eucalyptus 

Soap Usage Tips
Make sure to let your soap dry out completely between uses. Store your soap in a well drained soap dish or a soap saver pouch. This not only will help your soap to not get mushy but also extend its self life. You can check out ours in Bath Accessoires

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