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Hi-Desert Silba Soap

Desert Rain in a bottle - Mojave Desert Creosote

Desert Rain in a bottle - Mojave Desert Creosote

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Smell the scent of the Mojave Desert

Desert Rain Oil is made from wild harvested hand picked creosote leaves that we infuse in olive oil over a long time period. The longer the oil is infused the more intense the scent of the oil is. 

Breathe in the aroma of a desert monsoon, use it as your daily facial moisturizer, place a few drops on your wrist. This is a multi-purpose oil and 100% free of any fillers, synthetics or other additives.

Each batch of Desert Rain that we make starts with an infusion by first harvesting healthy desert creosote leaves, drying them and slowly infusing them using the old fashioned method over a period of at least 2 months. Once we decide the infusion process is complete, the oil will be strained and filled up in a bottle. We then add some dried creosote leaves to the bottle for further infusion. And voila! there is a bottle of desert rain scent that we all love so much.

The oil comes in a 2oz clear glass bottle with dropper for now as we use up our clear glass bottles and then switch to dark amber glass bottle. Nothing goes to waste here :)

dried creosote leaves (ethically wildcrafted), infused in olive oil

How to use
Use 1 pump and apply on neck and face and massage in circles into skin. Allow a couple of minutes to soak in.  

Store in a dark, dry place.
Only for external us

Did you know?
Creosote bushes grow in Southern California, Arizona and New Mexico. We can call us lucky to live in the Hi-Desert where we have these bushes in our backyard. Not only smell they amazing it is also said that this plant has medicinal and skin benefits since centuries.

We appreciate nature and only harvest little from one plant in order to not disturb the growing circle of these plants. That's why this product might not be always available. We will add it to the website as we can make it and when the infusion is complete. And we will of course communicate this in our social media channels.

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