Meet Hi-Desert Silba Soap! The addition to SilbaBodyAndSkinCare!

Meet Hi-Desert Silba Soap! The addition to SilbaBodyAndSkinCare!

Why Hi-Desert Silba Soap and why a new business name? This is probably what you would ask. Where is the connection between these two names.

First hi, this is Silke and I am the one who is behind all the soap making :).   

When I started my skincare journey, I actually wanted to start making soap and candles. Yes! But my troubled skin and the conclusion that making soap is not that easy to make instead rather needs quite some time to research and learn about the chemistry that is behind it made me first find a solution for my skin and formulate my skincare line.

Now of course I wouldn’t settle for just a face wash it had to be a complete line, natural, easy, not as many ingredients, cruelty free and clean! This took quite some time but finally in 2020 I decided I don’t want to add more products to my skincare line. I always wanted to have natural, simple and effective products and that’s what I’ve got! That’s it! I was and I am happy with it and that’s enough for me.

So back to the soap making. I was pretty excited but knew from years ago that this is not something that you just can formulate in a short matter of time. But the experience that I collected during those years formulating my skincare products helped me to understand some things quicker I thought.


Orange Cedarwood Soap made with my original formula of extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, organic fair trade shea butter, castor oil, avocado oil, kaolin clay, turmeric powder, annatto seed infused olive oil, jasmine flowers, orange and cedarwood essential oils

But there was so much to research und understand before I could dive into actually making soap, it was crazy and exciting and interesting. As I wanted to formulate my own recipe it took me a while to figure out percentages of oils, butters, clays and/or powders, essential oils and why I wanted them to put together in a recipe. The most I enjoy is the creative part and the so many possibilities that I have to make soap. And it’s never the same!

I mean there are one colored soaps, two colored soaps, swirl soaps and so on and on. I tried first melt & pour but didn’t like it too much and I love to do things from scratch. So here we go, cold process soap making here I come.



Rose Geranium Soap, made with kaolin clay for extra skin benefits, rose clay, rose petals and an essential oil blend of geranium, patchouli and bergamot.


But to come back to why Hi-Desert Silba Soap? My husband, my little girl Luna and I we decided to move during a not so easy time for us and start a new life in the Hi-Desert. We new the Hi-Desert since a long time and always love it. During these times I just had started to make soap. It felt like a new beginning that I was very excited about and still am. And I just had that feeling I wanted to put my soaps under a different label than SilbaBodyAndSkinCare but still wanted to show that it is connected to it. And there it was born, Hi-Desert Silba Soap! Easy not fancy but I am proud of it.

 I am still, and most of you guys know that, a small business. SilbaBodyAndSkinCare is still a small business that I hope to be able to bring to more people in the future and Hi-Desert Silba Soap is still a baby 😊.

I hope I haven’t confused you too much on my website and I try to redesign it a bit to make it more understandable. Now if you haven’t been on my website, go check it out by clicking on that photo below. I would love for you to look at my soaps, maybe you find one or two.

You can find me also on Instagram @hidesertsilbasoap where I post about new soaps, behind the scene photos, discounts, giveaways, and what is going on in the soap studio. Give me a follow and stay in the loop!

Thank you and have a wonderful day, Silke!

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